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Through the lens, the photographer's hands become gentle masseuses, caressing the world. Each click of the shutter captures a moment, a story waiting to be told. The frame becomes a canvas, where creativity dances with light and shadow. With every photograph, the artist whispers their unique expression, inviting viewers to feel, to imagine, and to be captivated. Photography, a massage of artistry, speaks the language of the soul.
About us

Umarez photography based in Jakarta, Indonesia. With an unwavering belief that light is everything in photography, Umarez has established a prominent reputation in the industry. 

Umarez's journey began with a deep appreciation for the art of capturing moments. Armed with a camera and a passion for storytelling, they embarked on a quest to create visual masterpieces that evoke emotions and leave a lasting impact on viewers.

We understand that every photograph has a message to convey, and they use their strong character and artistic prowess to capture moments that resonate with the audience. Whether it's a serene landscape bathed in soft light or a portrait highlighting the raw emotions of a subject, Umarez's work always tells a compelling story.

Dramatic vibrancy is another hallmark of Umarez's photography, an innate ability to bring out the intensity of a scene, infusing it with a captivating energy that grabs attention, filled with breathtaking images that command attention through their bold use of color and contrast.

Versatility is key to Umarez's success. excel in both high-key and low-key photography, demonstrating an impressive range in their craft. From ethereal, dream-like compositions to striking and moody visuals, Umarez effortlessly adapts their style to suit the essence of each subject, creating a diverse and captivating body of work.

Umarez's dedication to their craft and their ability to communicate through images have earned them recognition and praise from clients and peers alike. They continue to push boundaries and challenge themselves creatively, constantly seeking new ways to capture the beauty and essence of the world around them.

In the world of photography, Umarez stands as an artist who understands the transformative power of light and uses it to create stunning visual narratives. Our work serves as a reminder that a photograph is more than just a snapshot; it is a window into the soul of the subject and a testament to the artist's skill and vision.

Our Servives


Every couple has a unique story to be told, and Umarez captures it beautifully so that they can cherish priceless moments and a lifetime on their wedding day.


We always find passion in capturing the personalities and emotions of the people and photographing them with their natural essence.


Today, fashion photography goes beyond simply promoting products overtly. It is now accompanied by the aesthetics of the shooting location, the techniques of capturing the images, the art of posing, and the use of exotic accessories. It conveys the main message within every fabric and design created by the designers.


Photography has become an integral part of every aspect of a company's growth, and often without realizing it, it has become a crucial component in various aspects related to the company. Visual media has now become the forefront, serving as a company's means of showcasing its existence and capabilities.


Concert photography, also known as Stage photography, brings immense joy. How could it not? Capturing photos while listening to and watching a concert allows us to discover countless unexpected moments and witness the incredible performances of musicians on stage.


Event photography is often conducted amidst large crowds and in open locations, demanding mobility to seek out the best vantage points for capturing specific moments. It requires us to move around actively in order to capture the essence of the event from various angles.
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